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Labor, Citrus, and Community Oral Histories by Antonio Vasquez

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  • Eunice Gonzales and Blas Coyazo Interview

    Interview with Blas Coyazo and Eunice Gonzales on community life and growing up in Redlands.
  • Blas Coyazo Interview

    Second 1994 interview with Blas Coyazo where he elaborates of his military service, citrus/migrant labor and life in Redlands up until the 1950s. Transcript for this audio begins on page 18 of the transcript document.
  • Blas Coyazo Interview

    1994 interview with Blas Coyazo in which he focuses on citrus/migrant labor, his military service in World War II and life in Redlands.
  • Edward Barbo Interview

    Interview with Edward Barbo, February 14, 1995. Speaks on his family arriving to Redlands, growing up in Redlands, and his military and aircraft mechanic experience.
  • Isabel "Al" Alva Interview

    1995 interview with Isabel "Al' Alva describing his life beginning with attending school in a segreagted "Latino" elementary and junior high school in Mt. Vernon, CA, his move to Redlands, CA, time spent in the citrus industry, and deploying to Korea during the Korean War after enlisting in the Air Force. Kaiser and Santa Fe railroad and Norton military base are also noted. Al's experience with Lincoln School in Redlands during the 1960's desegregation is addressed as well as his fight to launch Head Start, a community ran program designed to support low-income families and families of color. He describes Redlands "Anglo-Saxon" elites dissent of Head Start.