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Peter V. Martinez WWII Images

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  • Club Martinez

    In this photograph of Peter Martinez, we see him posing in front of a sign that states "Club Martinez, Special Services, Service Club." The Special Services were one of the few interraccially integrated army units during WWII prior to full integration during the Korean War less than a decade later.
  • Peter Martinez in Military Jeep

    In this photograph, Peter is in a car which seems to look like a military car. The photo was probably taken in Camp McNair.
  • Photograph of Peter

    In this photograph we are shown a very upcolose photo of Peter Martinez which can probably be taken in Camp McNair. In the back Peter writes to his wife, "Don't I look tough darling that's a man for you, the guy that loves you with all his heart/soul, all his family."
  • Peter Martinez Posing in Uniform

    Peter Martinez posing and smiling in his military uniform. His surroundings are difficult to identify due to damage.
  • Camp McNair

    We are shown a picture of Peter Martinez drinking water. In the back part of the photograph it states that he is located in a camp which is known as Camp McNair.
  • Peter Martinez in a Vehicle

    Peter Martinez sitting inside of a military vehicle in full uniform. Backside reads "Peter V. Martinez | Dad."
  • Soldier Posing on Bicycle

    An unknown soldier is posed on a bicycle. He has one foot on a pedal and the other on the ground. He is wearing his uniform; there are trees in the background.
  • Soldier Posing by Fence

    An unknown soldier is posing shirtless by a fence. He is wearing his dogtags and uniform cap. There is a building in the background inside the fence.
  • Soldier Kneeling in Field with Weapon

    An unknown soldier is kneeling in field wearing his helmet. He is holding and aiming his gun.
  • Peter Martinez in Haugen

    Peter Martinez pointing a weapon in a field. Written in the back side is, "Haugen."
  • Peter Martinez in Haugen

    Peter Martinez pointing a weapon in a field. Written in the back side is, "Haugen."
  • Peter Martinez Posing in a Field

    Peter Martinez on one knee, posing with his weapon in a field. The back of the photograph reads, "Hauyen where we fired flame throwers."
  • Peter Martinez kneeling pointing weapon

    Peter Martinez kneeling in a field pointing a weapon.
  • Peter Martinez Pointing a Weapon

    Peter Martinez ducked amongst bushes pointing a weapon.
  • Peter Martinez Writing in a Notepad

    A group of soldiers sitting on a field. Peter Martinez in the forground is sitting and writting in a notepad. The backside of the image states, "Pretty good picture of me here in camp taking notes on a class of radio."
  • Peter Martinez standing in Front of a Building

    Peter Martinez stands in front of a military building.
  • Peter Martinez Stands in Front of a Building

    Peter Martinez dealing with poison oak while standing in front of a building.
  • Peter Martinez Standing in a Field

    Peter Martinez stares sternly into the camera while he stands in a field, dealing with an illness related to poison oak exposure.
  • Peter Martinez Posing on Military Truck

    A suave-looking Peter Martinez poses on a military truck.
  • Peter Martinez Posing with Machine Gun

    Peter Martinez brandishing his machine gun and its ammunition.
  • Club Martinez

    Peter Martinez photo being taken in what is known as Club Martinez (Special Service), Service Club.
  • Peter Martinez Posing and Smiling

    In this photo, we can see Peter Martinez standing in front of an unknown building while his picture is being taken smiling.
  • Peter Martinez Drinking Water

    Written on the back is, "Me drinking water at Camp McNair."
  • Peter Martinez in Color

    Photograph of Peter Martinez in color. The back side states, "Camp Zama, Japan."
  • Peter Martinez in front of tents

    Peter Martinez stands in front of two tents with a mountain peak in the background.