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Louis and Mae Lubinsky, University of Redlands



Louis and Mae Lubinsky, University of Redlands




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The interview starts off with Louis and Mae Lubinsky talking about their past history and their family's history. The interview shows the development of the area through the perspectives of Louis and Mae mainly centering around Louis since his family resided in the area throughout the majority of his life.

Louis was born October 11th, 1914 in Chicago Illinois and his family moved to Los Angeles in 1915. During this time his father had established a locksmith shop in Los Angeles. Then in 1923, his family moved to Yucaipa to which his father bought an apple orchid as it was something his father was now interested in. Then a year or two later they moved to Redlands and then in 1924 or 1925 moved to San Bernardino staying there till 1932 when they moved back to Redlands. Then 1935 his father bought a property in Loma Linda. The interview then goes towards Mae who was born in 1914 in New York City till 1920 when her family moved to Rochester, New York. During World War II she worked in a factory owned by the Navy making munitions /“sight finders for bombers” in Rochester. In 1943 she came to the Loma Linda area where she met Louis who was currently in the Army. Louis started off in field artillery till his battalion shifted into a tank destroyer battalion. He then went overseas to Germany and then was transferred into a government service unit that enforce rule over the Germans at the end of the war. When the war ended in Japan his service ended as well. The interview then shifts towards the past of the area which Louis talks about how his father owned apple orchids when the prices of apples completely collapsed due to the orchids growing up in the mountains above Yucaipa were growing better and were better. His father then established a hardware store in 1923 where burrows appliance currently is near State and 5th for two years till they established a similar business in San Bernardino. He lived there till 1933 when he finished high school. Then moving to Loma Linda in 1935. The freeway then came by with the construction was near his home which he wasn’t specific about the date but in 1962 moved back to Redlands till the current time of the interview. They stayed in the business similar to his fathers till 1980. They then begin to talk about the multiple names his current location has had “Ocean to Ocean Highway”, “Highway 99”, “Colton Ave”, and then “Redlands Blvd”.


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Louis and Mae Lubinsky


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