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  • Grace Greene and Mayor Holcomb

    A photo of Grace Greene and Mayor Halcomb walking away from the ribbon cutting ceremony at the opening of the Valley Truck Farm Recreation Center that the community campaigned to open at the old Mill School in the 1970s.
  • Grace & Eddie Green with Children

    A black and white photo of Grace & Eddie Green with children. Left to right Rosetta, Eddie, Grace, Wanda, Edmund & Greta. They lived at 1015 Foisy around the corner from grandparents, and uncles who lived on Norman Road.
  • Snap Shot in the Kitchen

    A photo of a Wanda Greene in Grace Green's kitchen on Foisy. Has the description "Snap Shots, Inc. A subsidiary of Realist inc" at the top and "duo snap shots" at the bottom.
  • Snap Shot of Greene Children in Grace Greene Backyard

    In Grace Greene's backyard, with Wanda (left), Rosie (middle) and Greta (right).
  • Uncle Herbert, Grace Greene & Travis in Front of House

    A black and white photo of Uncle Herbert Green, Grace Greene & son Travis Greene in front of home at 9411 Foisy, now 1015 Foisy, located at Valley Truck Farm.
  • Dune Buggy in the Valley

    A black and white photograph of a dune buggy car that Eddie Greene built and his kids enjoyed driving in the Valley in the 1960s. At some point it crashed into a ditch and was damaged, but before that they had fun driving around the dirt roads and the wash in this vehicle. Though they were kids, growing up in farm country, driving young was normal and there was no police presence. With the description "Sep 64" for the date September 1964.
  • Sigmund Greene in grandma's backyard

    Signmund Greene smiling for the camera in Grace Greene's backyard on Foisy.
  • Greene Family in the Kitchen

    Edmund Greene, Wanda, and mom Grace Greene playing cards in the kitchen on Foisy in the Valley.
  • Grace Greene dancing in her kitchen

    Grace Greene dancing in her kitchen on Foisy Road.
  • Edmund Greene Playing with Dominos

    Edmund Greene's family playing with dominos at the kitchen table.
  • Eddie Greene with his Horse

    A black and white photo of Eddie Greene with his horse and cousin Samuel. With a description "Apr 62" for the date April 1962. An additional accompanying photo shows an additional family member helping with handling the horse.
  • Eddie Greene with his Horse

    A black and white photo of Eddie Greene with a rescued thoroughbred from Santa Ana race track. With a description "Apr 62" for the date April 1962. An additionally accompanying photo shows an additional family member helping with handling the horse.
  • Candid of Greta Blanchee Green Mixon

    A candid photograph of Greta Blanchee Green Mixon in the backyard beside white car with her two sons (Isaac and Andre) and husband Durell in the background.
  • Edmund Greene Posing on Foisy Road

    Edmund Greene posing in a suit in his family's flower garden on Foisy Road in Valley Truck Farm, with a description "Jun 70" for the date June 1970. The back of the photograph says To: Ms. Grace Greene and lovely family.
  • Greene Family Polaroid

    An extended Greene family photo including left to Right Aunt Alice Agee, Greta Mixon, Grace Greene (mom), Rosie Beltan, Edmund Greene, kids at feet include Desmund, Tasonya and Sigmond. All children and grandchildren of Grace Greene.
  • Young Girl in the Truck Valley Farm Orchard

    Unknown young girl dressed in white standing in the orchard in the Truck Valley Farm, probably on Norman Road where most of the Greene extended family lived. With a description "Jun 57" for the date June 1957.
  • Grace & Eddie Greene with Williams & Greene relatives

    A black and white photo of the extended Greene family relatives of Eddie Greene and Grace Williams Greene. Their names from left to right: Aunt Addie, Grace Greene, Uncle Jack, Grand Mother Williams, Eddie Greene, and Aunt Josephine. The Greene family were cousins of the Green family in the Valley, with Eddie Greene son of Ernest Green changed his last name by adding an e at the end. There were at least 4 generations of Green/Greenes who lived in the Valley from the 1940s through the 1990s.
  • Ola McDowell and Betty Jennings fishing

    Ola McDowell and Betty Jennings Betty loved to fish late 80s
  • Ola McDowell at her home

    Ola McDowell in Valley Truck Farms on her property
  • Gerothom Watkins

    Gerothom Watkins Jr. December 1950
  • Norman Street

    Norman Street
  • Gail Mcdaniels

    McKinley McDaniel's Daughter Gail McDaniels
  • Betty McDowell Wedding Photo

    Betty McDowell wedding photograph to J.W Jennings
  • Betty McDowell

    Aunt Betty McDowell
  • Betty Graduation photo

    Betty Graduation photograph 1948 Betty McDowel James M Jennings San Bernrdino
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